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We will endeavor to provide you with all the information you require so that you can book with confidence.

How can I be sure the taxi will be there? Jeeves of Hampshire are your taxis in Eastleigh, based a few minutes away from Southampton / Eastleigh Airport. On receipt of your confirmation email we are committed to ensure that one of our representatives / drivers will be where agreed.

What happens now my taxi is booked?
We will confirm your booking by return email The confirmation email includes instructions on what to do when you arrive or if you wish to cancel.

I have booked my taxi, what happens when I get to Eastleigh Airport?
After your plane has touched down, you have collected your luggage and you are exiting the arrivals lounge, our representative will be displaying the Jeeves of Hampshire Welcome board with your name on it. All you have to do is look for your name.

I want to cancel my booking, what do I have to do?
There are two ways to cancel your booking; either call the telephone number 02382 182 786 or email us to cancel. Please quote your surname and date of travel.

My flight is delayed, will you charge me for waiting?
No, you will not be charged if your flight is delayed. We only dispatch the driver when your flight is expected to arrive. We constantly monitor flight times and will be aware of any delays to your flight.

Will you charge me if I don’t arrive at the airport?
If you fail to cancel, we will charge you in accordance with our Cancellation Policy.

How many can I get in a Taxi?
The maximum number we can get in one car is 8 passengers. If you have more than 4 passengers or are expecting to bring a lot of luggage or equipment, please make sure to book the correct vehicles for your needs.

If I book more than one taxi do I pay the charge for each taxi?
Yes. The charge is for each taxi required.

I need a receipt for my journey, when do I get a receipt?
You will get a receipt for your journey via Email if booked online or from our representative/driver.

What is the longest in advance that I can book a taxi?
You can book a taxi as far in advance as you like. But don’t forget.

What is the shortest time period for booking a taxi?
We recommend that you book within about 24 hours of your expected arrival in Eastleigh Airport, however we can often accomodate closer booking times

How do I find the Taxi driver at the airport?
The driver will be holding the Jeeves of Hampshire welcome sign with your name on it as you leave the arrivals hall after your flight.

I haven’t received any emails to confirm my Taxi booking?
If you do not receive any emails at all, whether generated automatically or manually, it is quite likely your booking submission has been unsuccessful. You should contact customer services on 02382 182 786.

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